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Hey Minnesota homebrewers!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted.
The craft brewers in Minnesota need help!! Some people actually are try to ease their hardship but they now need your help to get it done. Take a look at the link please.
Brew On!!

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Thank you for posting. Sadly, we’re going to lose a lot of great breweries if they don’t get some temporary relief.

Thanks Voltron!!!
I’m willing to bet most of those breweries were started by folks that were members of this NB forum before they jumped into their dream. It would be pretty cool to see support from NB forum members.

It doesn’t look like you need to be a Minnesota resident to sign the petition.
200 out of 1000 signatures done, 800 to go!
The petition started on Saturday May 2nd.
Good luck and BREW ON!!

While, I do believe this issue is quite important to the Brewers of Mn., had I known that signing this would fill my inbox full of “stuff” I would not have signed this… And now I have a full time job emptying my email… Thanks for the BS!

Probably easier just to unsubscribe

I can not find the unsubscribe on some of these emails… And the ones I have clicked to do so… Bombard me even more… :rage::mask:

Try opting out here:

Sorry to hear you have problems with unsubscribing, I unsubscribed on the first email (the very bottom of the email) they sent and haven’t had anymore emails since.

A few things to keep in mind regarding your problem, I didn’t have anything to do with setting up the petition, I didn’t develop the petition website, I don’t choose the settings on your computer/email, nor do I make decisions for you.

The suggestion voltron offered is probably your answer.
Have a great day.

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I was there trying to unsubscribe… I feel like a dog chasing his tail… Round and round… oh dear… :disappointed: :mask:

Did you get unsubscribed? Looks like if you go to ‘help’ in the upper right hand corner unsubscribe is under ‘hot topics.’

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Crazy, that’s IS a hot topic… for me any ways…


So you spend a bunch of money to can 6-ers for a couple more weeks? Who’d be that nuts? Too many fingers in the pie… I’ll equate it to, some peeps are too lazy to do something, so they figure out a law that keeps the lazy employed doing nothing!! And getting paid handsomely!!! It’s really broken…

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