HERMS, Stir Plate, Mill, Mash Paddle

Inspired by all of the amazing DIY projects here, I began to build my brewery, so I thought I might as well share.

The system is a HERMS, with digital displays and controls, March pump, 10 gallon coolers and kettle. frame is made out of old bed frames.

Stir plate is a little box found at American Science and Surplus, with a 10k ohm variable resistor, transistor, capacitor, 12 V power supply, PC fan, HDD magnet. Works great.

Mill is a Corona type, with plastic downspout, wooden table top, and plastic bucket. Driven by a drill.

Mash paddle is a white oak railing with white oak pegs. Cheap and does the job like a charm.

Next comes the lagering fridge.

I just ordered a 15 Gallon (keg) brew kettle, just curious to see what others are using for burners for these large brew pots. Also any suggestions for hardwood brew paddles (purchase/make) ?

I used a KAB6 with mine.

If you are looking to purchase this

is a great source for quality paddles.