Here's an idea

I know a lot of you are IT people and I even saw a post recently asking about a development idea for brewers software.Maybe one exists but how about an app for making labels specifically for brewers I’ve used the one on BF but it’s limited.

Here’s an online one that’s pretty cool:

When I first started shopping at NB they sold some re-usable labels. I’m not sure when they were discontinued, but I’m I’m not finding them now. IMO bottling is enough of a PITA without adding labeling/delabeling.

Software to make them isn’t the problem. PowerPoint works just fine for easy stuff, and GIMP or Photoshop can handle more advanced designs. The trick is the label material; Avery has a bunch that seem like they would work, and depending on your price point, they’ll even print them. I’ve also noticed online label printers. But again, I haven’t used them.

I’ve had very good luck printing on regular paper and sticking on with milk. I like putting labels on my bottles, it looks good and helps me remember what the beer was. It also helps people remember who to give the bottles back to. I don’t mind bottling. Sometimes ill bottle a batch, many times I’ll keg and then bottle off the last gallon or two and put them on the shelf for tastings or lean times.

[quote=“Glug Master”]Here’s an online one that’s pretty cool:


I’ve been on that site. I prefer the one on brewers friend it’s free but limited. I wouldn’t mind being able to change fonts and save the labels.

I use Microsoft Publisher to design labels. I print them on plan paper and use a glue stick to put them on. The glue dissolves easily with hot water to remove them.

I’m a Web designer/developer so I make mine in Photoshop and print. like Denny I’ve used a glue stick and it seems to work well.

Do you have a template you start with?

Do you have a template you start with?[/quote]

Just a blank text box of the appropriate size

I used the milk trick today to put labels on my LaPetite Orange. Big thanks to the person that made this recommendation. I have been brewing for a number of years and never put labels on my bottles. I would just put a couple of letters on my caps to remind me what the beer inside the bottle is. Now I have a nice label with all of the pertinent information.

I used for creating the labels but it seems somewhat limited. I will probably come up with my own designs from now on.


Do any of you print your labels with an inkjet printer or do you use a laser one? I’ve heard the inkjet labels will bleed where the laser ones won’t. I suppose using a glue stick rather than milk will mitigate the bleeding problem?

Yep. Inkjet and glue stick for me.

That sounds easy enough. Fantastic. Thanks Denny.


I use an inkjet and no bleeding. Uses a lot of ink though. My next printer I think I’ll go laser

If I am bottling, I usually just color the cap with a different color permanent marker for each batch. I’ll use a couple of little round stickers (like yard sale price tags) to write what it is, and the bottling date on a few bottles from each batch, I don’t put stickers on each bottle. Each batch is stored in a separate case, box or place on the shelf. Now that I use kegs, I’ll do basically the same thing with the little stickers. Put them right on top, style of beer and a date. The stickers come off easily, but not so easy that they just fall off.

I use Avery 5164 3-1/3" X 4" shipping labels. I use their online software to create my labels. You can buy 600 labels for $25 on Amazon.

Sign up for a free account (don’t worry; they won’t Spam you) and then go to Templates/Design and Print Online. You then select your template by label number and design away! It’s not as awesome as Photoshop, but it’s also not as intimidating for the uninitiated.

I’m a software engineer by day, but I’m a sharpie on the cap type of guy by night. Not too professional looking but I prefer my presentation to be in the glass not in the bottle :wink: