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Helping to avoid a Craft Beer Crash like the last? ... qus_thread

I don’t know how/if this thing could test shelf stability/staling/oxidation, but if it could, it would help quite a few craft breweries in my area!

Not sure what you mean by crash.

Looks interesting. That is one of the worst part about small breweries if a batch goes bad they either dump and lose money or push it out anyways. Problem is a bad batch can ruin your name and put you out of business quick. That’s not to say every bad beer you have is because of infection though, some craft breweries should probably just stop already :mrgreen:

That could save a small brewery money. If they detect a bad batch, instead of dumping it, flavor it and call it a shandy.

It can only detect infections from specific microorganisms (currently just Brett, but I’m sure they can add others in the future), and roughly the level of infection. It looks like it is mostly aimed at the winery industry, where infections are more common and a bigger problem. This device won’t help with shelf stability/staling/oxidation.

Very interesting though. It’s the same technology that is being used in hospitals to detect infections in people.

Correction: they have a Pediococcus and Lactobacillus assay as well, and that one would be aimed primarily at the beer industry.

Some breweries will always chose to sell bad beer and some people will drink it and say “wow that’s great beer” :roll:

When they were called microbreweries and had menus 6 pages long and were run by 15 dentists who had too much money on their hands and thought owning restaurants was easy.

I think the changing laws which allow breweries to sell directly to the public out of their tasting rooms has defanatley helped the industry. Some places I believe you couldn’t sell direct unless you were a resteraunt. I know what you mean about those micro brew resteraunts. I frequent a few that have good food but their beer is meh. If they have crappy food and crappy beer they don’t last very long. Another thing I have noticed at least here in CT are a lot of craft beer bars were they have a big tap line with rotating craft beers, they are real popular.

About an hour from here is a place that does the rotating taps. They have 102 taps and I imagine they get small kegs. If you are there long enough you can see the screens rotate the new beers as they kill a keg.

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