hey guys i brewed a 5 gal extract batch sunday the room temp was 75 the starting g was 1.065 and monday night the ac quit working in the dining room and tuesday the temp got up to 92 and tuesday afternoon i moved it to the living room where it is 72. checked the g and it was 1.030 and it has been that for 3 days now. i used safale s-05 and the air lock stopped going tuesday some time. did it get too hot and kill my yeast. i added some fermaid to it wed. but no chance. i can repitch it but the only yeast i have on hand is dv-10 and the shop is 75 miles away. will that be to strong for my beer or will it die out early to not put to much alcohol in it

Not sure what to make of that. The high temps would definitely speed the yeast up and I can only assume your gonna have a lot of fusel alcohols which you don’t want. So you really have 2 problems. It’s under attenuated (so maybe the yeast did die off) and you are gonna have a bad beer, IMO. Those temps are WAY too hot for a clean fermentation. What to do about getting the gravity down, I’m not sure… maybe pitch more yeast? But getting those inevitable funky flavors out of your beer… age it maybe?

Sorry I can’t be of more help and I hate to say this, but that beer may never taste good.

It’s possible that the yeast stalled out from the temp shift from 92 to 72. Was it a dark beer? Extracts tend to finish higher to begin with, 1.030 is still too high but I wouldn’t expect a 1.010 beer from extract. Try gently swirling the beer to resuspend the yeast or use a sanitized spoon. US-05 will have no problem tearing through the sugars once you wake them back up.

I’ve found the best temperature for 05 is in the mid to low 60’s. Do you have anyway to get your temps lower?

BTW you have to get pretty high temps to kill yeast. Most yeast will thrive at 100*F but give off nasty flavors in beer.

That temp drop is a good point, but if it was a slow drop and only into the 70’s I think the yeast would still be ‘awake’. Either way all very good points Mvsawyer.