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Help with tomato plants!

Have any of you seen tomato leaves curl/distort/wrinkle like this? I see it mostly on one plant. I can’t quite tell if other plants are starting to look like this. I put some weed and feed on the grass about a few weeks back. The garden was planted at that time but I was careful to keep it away. The problem seems to be working its way down the plant, starting with the new growth.

Well, after searching for 2-4-d tomato damage, that’s what it looks like happened. Lesson learned.
Will the plants recover with some time?

Depends of the severity of the overdrift. Though 2 weeks for the damage to start to show is a little strange. I would think you would see it in 2-3 days.

One thing you an do in the future, after applying the 2-4-D, hose your plants down to remove any overdrift.

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