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Help with this recipe! for partial mash

I was hoping somebody here could comment and help on this recipe I created. I want to do a partial mash brew… Comments greatly appreciated

2.5lbs American 2Row
2lbs American Wheat
1lb German Munich
5lbs Wheat LME
1oz Hallertau @ 60min
1oz Tettnager @ 15min
.5oz Hallertau @ 1min
Cherry Extract for flavoring
OG should be 1060
FG should be 1015
ABV 5.8%
14.30 IBU
Wyeast 1056

:cheers: Thanks

Looks okay to me. OG might be a little on the high side for an American Wheat ale, if that’s what you’re shooting for, I’d probably kick the IBUs up to the low to mid 20s.

Not necessarily shooting for a high OG, I think ill bump the 2row down to 1.5lbs and that brings the OG down to 1053. Better?

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