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Help with some hopping (among other things)

Hi All,
I’m attempting my first 10 gal batch next week and was looking for a little input. This is basically a doubling of malt that I’ve brewed and enjoyed in the past. I’m going to split the batch and do 5g’s with US-05 and 5g’s with Belgian Ardennes 3522. I’m going to shoot for a high but not outrageous bitterness and a strong hop finish, say 50-60 IBU’s. I’m leaning toward Super Galena, Columbus and Cascade. Anyone with constructive criticism, have at it. Should I go higher with bitterness etc… Thanks, Mike
15# 2 row
1# German Munich
2# Briess Bolander Munich (thought I’d give it a try)
1# Vienna
12 oz Crystal60
12 oz Rye
1.5 oz Chocolate Malt
FWH in Ounces (.7 each) Cascade, Columbus and Super G 60-min.
I’m looking for suggestions on amounts and times using all 3 hops mentioned above starting at 20-minutes though flameout.
Thanks, Mike

I’d probably blend all three and use 2 to 3oz each at 15min and flameout. A resiny Columbus and some citrusy Cascade and Super Galena sounds like a winner.

That’s a neat idea for sure. In my experience, the Super G will also enhance the citrus on this one. I personally pick up alot of pink grapefruit in it. Are you suggesting 2 or 3 ounces meaning 6 to 9 ounces total at both 15 and zero minutes? Holy Crow!

PS, Beersmith calc’s your suggestion at 109.6 IBU’s. Although just a “tad” higher than what I was thinking, I’m sort of liking the challenge. Thoughts?

I think he meant to blend two ounces of each and then put half of the mix in at 15 minutes and the other half at flameout.

That brings me down to approx 70, a number I can like a little more.

OK I didn’t calculate it and yes I meant 2oz at 15 and then 2 more at FO. I think your 50IBU idea is a good place, an IBU/OG ratio of 1 is balanced. Back off on the 15min flavor addition if you need to in order to preserve the IBUs, and go a little heavier on the FO addition. Then dry hop.

Sounds good, thank you.

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