Help tinkering with a smash

Brewed NB’s smash–just 2 row pale and simcoe (Bry-97 yeast). Love the aroma and flavor, got great attenuation (1.005). It’s just missing something in the finish, I’m thinking it needs just a touch of residual maltiness/sweetness. Am I right in thinking if I brew this again that adding just a touch of some sort of crystal malt would help? Never developed a recipe myself but I’m starting to learn a little (I know I need to get one of the good primers out there).

This is the all grain version and I do BIAB and use brunwater. Used the yellow balanced profile.
Any suggestions appreciated.



Everyone’s taste is different but I think you’ve got a good idea. I’ve made a couple of SMaSHes now and although I like them, I think adding something like crystal will make them even better. (Maybe that’s why most beers have more than one grain, haha)
If fact, just 10 minutes ago I bottled a Marris Otter/Cascade SMaSH myself. With this one I plan to add a half pound of crystal and maybe a bit more hops next time.
BTW, I have the NB SMaSH here and hope to brew it within a month.

I think that’s the thing with SMaSH beers. While they’re good for what they are, the ones I’ve had are just missing something. To make a really great beer, I think you just need a little more complexity than what you can get with one. Adding a little crystal to the grist would be a nice way to see how it changes the beer. Rather than the crystal, though, I think I would add a pound or two of Vienna or Munich to make the malt shine a little more.

If you are comfortable with adjusting your water, why not adjust it with more chalks for slight balance toward maltiness?

Thanks for the good ideas guys. Drinking one of these right now. I really like it, just think it could be a little better. May just split the next batch 3 0r 4 ways.



Also, ifn you have the room for an extra fermenter or more, then the yeast is another fun way to use a SMASH. I’ve got one gallon jugs and three gallon jugs and have toyed with the yeast’. As far as adding a half pound of crystal, which I think will over power your SMASH, try 4 oz. I like to creep up on the specialty flavor. Sneezles61

If you are looking for a residual malty sweetness, simply raise the Mash temp 2 or 3 pts. This will A) maintain recipe as a SMASH-style B) raise your FG (5 is a little low) C) retain more residual sugars.