Help save my beer!

So i brewed a potent ipa about a week ago and its not doing much. The original pitch was done at 70° with yeast i got at work and may have been too old, the 2nd pitch was two days later, wyeast nw ale yeast was used around 66° and has also failed to do much in the wort. I cant think of anything else to do but cry and pour it down the sink. Any suggestions? Much thanks!

What do you mean it’s not dong much? Have you taken a gravity reading? That would be my first move to see what you got going on.

Day specific is needed. “about” is to broad a time frame.

Yeast can take up to 72 hour (some times a few more) before you see signs of fermentation are evident.

When you say potent, how potent? Dry/liquid yeast? Starter? How many vials/packs?

What type of yeast does one aquire at work?

I know a couple guys that work for an ethanol company. :wink:

Well the gravity was 70 when I originally pitched. The first yeast was made by wyeast for the brewpub I work for, unavailable in stores, but an ale yeast, nothing too fancy. It sat for two days, barely made a krausen head and was hardly bubbling. I thought maybe we didn’t airate it enough but was told the yeast may have been too old. So, having a backup on hand (wyeast NW ale) I went ahead and pitchEd it without much thought and no gravity reading). After that I made sure the temp was around 70 and let it sit. It bubblesa little but ain’t soon much and im afraid it’s sitting on old nasty yeast. I’ll get a new gravity reading when I can and report back. Thanks a lot for all the response.

Sometimes you don’t see much krausen during fermentation but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Even with lots of krausen, that may only last a day or two then you don’t see much but fermentation is still going on.
I’ve got to believe that with all the yeast you’ve used, fermentation has taken place but as it’s been suggested, only a gravity reading at this point will give you the info you need.

Are you in a bucket or carboy? Buckets are often deceiving if you are basing activity on airlock activity.

Did the work yeast smell bad? I would not worry about being old and nasty if it did not smell that way.

Well i finally took.a.reading and the brew has attenuated about as much as it will, started at 70, now at ten; i geuss in the future ill not assume things based on bubbles and sich. Thanks to everybody