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Help put a newbies mind at ease

Well I have just brewed my first batch ever. NB’s Caribou Slobber I think all went well. My only concern is before I pitched the yeast I took a gravity reading and I got 1.031 at 63* is the reading ok or am I off? I should just relax and let it do its thing but in typical noob fashion I am a little nervous. Any advice is welcome.

I have just found my new addiction

Even with vigorous aeration the boiled wort and top off water do not thoroughly mix. Your sample most likely came from part of the wort light in sugars.
Kit beers with LME and/or DME are normally right on the recipes OG. With extract kits I no longer take an OG reading. I wait for about two to three weeks before the first specific gravity reading to find when Final Gravity is reached.

Thanks that is what i thought but just needed to hear it from someone else. Tasted like it is going to be a great beer. The upside to taking a reading :slight_smile:

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