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Help on Brewing a Jalapeno Beer

Looking for some advice on a jalapeno brew.

Thinking a Jalapeno Hefeweizen.

Did some research and I think i want to add the jalapenos during the boil.

Anyone with past experiences or advice?

Greatly appreciated.


Here is my technique and recipe… this beer has won awards…


[quote=“dmtaylo2”]Here is my technique and recipe… this beer has won awards…


I used a variation of dmtaylo2’s (thanks a ton, by the way!) and chopped up a few jalapeños and let them soak for a day or two in good tequila. I then poured this into the keg (it was to add life to an IPA that had lost its aroma hops). It was amazing with a lot of kick and truly tasted like raw jalapeño. The heat faded just like hop flavor will so keep that in mind when dialing in what you want.

I was given help on a jalapeño cream ale. It turned out quite nice, though I’ll add more jalapeños next time.

It began life as a small batch as a vegetable beer sounded horrible, but I couldn’t help myself after having ordered my ingredients, and increased the volume, which made me have to doctor it up a bit.

Ultimately it’s about the jalapeños. I used 2 whole large jalapeños sliced thin lengthwise and used at 10 mins left in the boil, and 2 more sliced lengthwise and roasted at 350* for 30 mins and then placed in a ziplock bag to “steam” and then placed in the freezer to be used as a dry peppering for 10 days. This was for a 4 gal batch. I also used vodka.

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Thanks guys. Appreciate the advice.

Since NB destroyed all their old links a couple years ago, here’s my recipe again:

Good golly… thanks a lot, NB and Photobucket. Here, try this one on Flickr, available probably for a limited time only:

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