Help Needed with HERMS build


I need help with a HERMS build. I am taking an experimental route. . The wort will be gravity fed from the mash tun into the coil submersed in a 20qt bucket of water heated with an Anova sous vide system and then pumped back up to the mash tun with my cugger pump. Will this work? What size tubing should I use? I am looking at using this 50ft stainless steel HERMS coil available on Amazon.

Thoughts? Ideas? Insults?



I have a bazooka screen in my mash tun (10-gallon Igloo water cooler). I pump from the bottom of the mash tun through 1/2 inch hose with a reducer to match my heat exchanger (which doubles as a chiller later in the process) and back to the mash tun.

I’d recommend simplifying your setup to eliminate the gravity feed.

All of the above should have been past tense. I’m now doing infusions with no sparge, no mash-out.

That would certainly work. But I agree with @old_dawg. Delete the gravity feed and use your pump. After all, you’re using it anyway!

I would use 1/2" silicone tubing as it can handle heat.

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