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Help! My keg won't hold any pressure!

I have a keg that’s approximately five years old. I haven’t used it in almost two years. When cleaning it, I picked it up to shake it around, and it leaks! I changed out the rubber gasket around the lid and used lube as well, but it still leaks. Any suggestions?

I’m assuming since you changed out the gasket that it leaks around the lid. If you haven’t done so already, you might try using some lubricant on the o-ring and see if that helps. If not, then try installing the lid and pressurizing the keg and see if it seals up. I have one keg that won’t seal until it’s pressurized, then it holds just fine. Depending on how the keg has been handled in the past, sometimes the sealing surface isn’t perfectly flat, which will allow some leakage until enough pressure has been built up to compress the o-ring enough to seal it all the way around.

Also Williams Brewing sells a lid gasket that is thicker and helps prevent leaks.

Not abnormal. When you flip the bail and seal the lid, you can rotate it slightly or wiggle it to get it aligned so that the oval lid and opening meet properly.

As far as lube, I always use food grade petroleum. One tube will last you 10 years I think.

+1 on sealing it up and pressurizing it. What I usually do is use a spray bottle full of Star San to check for leaks by just spraying the top of the keg and look for any bubbles that should at least let you know where your leak is coming from.

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