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Help! Fermentation stopped!

Hi, I was making a caribou slobber batch and after one day of fermentation, it appears that fermentation has all but stopped! No bubbles come out of the air lock. Is there anything I can do to save the batch? Thanks. John

Take a gravity reading. Wait a day then take another reading. Fermentation may be continuing even though you don’t see airlock activity. Are you using a bucket or a carboy?

Like Flar asked, if you are using a bucket you may have CO2 leaving and you just don’t see it. I have a bucket fermenter that does not seal very well around the airlock. Often times it will not be bubbling and then i’ll adjust the airlock only to see it start bubbling consistently.

Yesterday the fermentation was extremely aggressive. I thought I’d have to use a blowoff tube. today I get 1-2 bubbles a minute where id get ~5 bubbles per second before. I’ll extract a sample later today to measure gravity. Prior to fermentation it was ~1.091 if I recall my notes correctly. I’ll update later today when I get back home. Attached you’ll find a picture of the aggressive fermentation that I saw yesterday.

Pic wouldn’t upload on the phone… Using a carboy.

I bet it is done. What temp is the carboy at?

The CS should have an OG of ~1.052. Did you do a partial boil with top off water?

1st you say there is no air lock activity. Then you say there is.

Don’t be so melodramatic. RDWHAHB. :wink:

The carboy was at 78. I just moved it to the basement where it is 72. Yes on the boil. Followed the instructions that came with the kit exactly. 1 hour boil and added distilled water to bring up to 5 gal followed by pitching the yeast once it hit 78 deg.

My initial reaction may have been a bit melodramatic… Timed 4 bubbles on the airlock, they are 30-45s apart.

78 degrees is WAY to hot to be fermenting at. 1 item on the instruction you should NOT be following. Ferment in the low to mid 60’s, beer temp. Fermentation creates heat. The beer will be 5-10* warmer than the air temp. See my signature line for ways to keep the temps down.

It is VERY difficult to get the wort mixed with the water for an accurate reading. If you used all the sugars and ended with the correct final volume, you will have the OG that the kit lists.

Is your beer ruined? Should you toss it now? No. It’s not going to be the best that it can be. But should still be drinkable. Leave it in the fermenter for a total of 3 weeks to let the yeast try to “clean up” some of the garbage they produced with the hot temps.

When you bottle it, fill 1 soda bottle with the beer. Squeeze the O2 out and screw the cap on. As CO2 is produced the bottle will expand. No wondering what is happening in the glass bottles. But, leave the beer alone for 3 weeks in the bottle to give them time for the carbonation to be absorbed into the beer. Followed by a minimum of 24 hrs in the fridge.

Order you next kit and be ready to brew again!

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