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Hefeweizen fermenting and blow off

I brewed a full 5 gallon batch of the Bavarian Hefeweizen yesterday and put it up to ferment yesterday evening(used the Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Wheat). I have it in a 6.5 gal plastic BMB. Woke up this morning and the lid had blown off. I replaced the lid with a clean one and added the big blow off tube. Its still going like crazy and still blowing the lid off as well as coming through the blow off tube. I added some tape but it looks like shes gonna blow that off as well. Its obviously a very active fermentation. What else can I do to keep it from overflowing and blowing the lid off?

WY 3068 is known for a vigorous fermentation start. A fair size diameter blow off tube is required or a fermentor with at least a couple gallons of head space. I would take the tape off and let the krausen come out at one point on the rim. Loosen the lid a little on one side. With the tape on the lid a lot of beer may be on the ceiling when it blows. Also check the fermentation temperature. It may be too warm producing extra activity.

Setting the fermentor in a tub of 68°F water will cool the fermentation if it is too hot.

I forgot to add the current temp according to the thermometer sticker on the BMB is about 74/75 so I’m going to try and bring the temp down some also hoping that will help.

Put a congrete block on the side of the top. Put it in a swamp cooler to keep the temp under control

Flip the lid seal 180 degrees.

3068 is notorious for that. It actually requires a 33% headspace. So you would actually require about a 7gal fermenter for that yeast. Your 74° temps are very high resulting in an extremely overactive fermentation only complicating the blow off.

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I must say, My that looks great!! Sneezles61

Thanks for all the quick responses! I got everything cleaned up, new sanitized lid and blow off valve and the temp is getting cooler so hopefully that will take care of it! Looks better already.

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