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Heating element in a chest freezer?

what can I use in the winter, inside my chest freezer. I want to hook something up to my 2-stage Ranco digital theermostat, what can I hook up as a heating element/??

Ceramic heater.

A light bulb will work.

I use one of these reptile ceramic heaters: ... itter.aspx


No light.
More heat.
Longer life than a bulb.

I used a bulb last winter and it solved my freezing issues. I already had the lamp…

My dad melted the lid on our freezer with a light bulb, be careful with placement

I wired a thermostat to a simple light bulb and set it to kick on at about 45F and the freezer set at 49F - works great in the winter.

If the beer was kegged no problem using a light bulb but if it’s bottled can it get light struck ?

Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Yes, light struck reactions come from blue and UV light. see link: … ghtstruck/
Regular incandescent bulbs don’t produce too much blue or UV spectrums, but can still cause the reactions to occur. I ferment in a dark basement away from the lights.

I saw a write up about this somewhere… I think they placed the light in an aluminum housing to allow the temp control and prevent the light from damaging beers.

Here is it: ... Can-Heater

I concur. Incandescent bulbs seem better at producing heat than light.

If the beer is in a bucket, no worries about getting skunked. Just another reason I love buckets.

I build a pink board box to ferment a lager in the garage during the winter a couple years ago. I used the light bulb to keep the heat up.

At some point, the light bulb burnt out. The ceramic heaters have a much longer lifespan than a light bulb. Peace of mind for $20.

I use a ceramic heater or a FermWrap: … rap_Heater

Both work very well.

+1 on ceramic heater. I got one for like $7 at Target that works a charm.

I’ve been using the heating element out of an old food dehydrator for years. It works great in my fermentation fridge.

Glad I stumbled onto this thread I’ve got a large commercial reach in cabinet in my garage that I want to ferment in this winter. Any suggestions for a very large (80+ cubic ft). Anybody ever use a hair dryer.

I just looked at the link for the ceramic heaters dont know why that hadnt crossed my mind first. they seem pretty much ideal

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