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Heat Shield for boilermaker

Does anyone have a pic of how the heat shield is installed on the kettle. Instructions were horrible and i dont see a logical spot for it.

Got this for google search

Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong but I just place the shield between the burner and kettle so it blocks some of the heat from reaching the thermometer and ball valve.

Thats how im doing but it just doesnt look right? and the ball valve handle still get super hot, so much so the rubber gets really pliable.

This is exactly how I interpreted the instructions and is what I do. The point is to protect the thermometer mainly. They could have certainly provided a more innovative solution considering what these kettles cost.

Man a pic is worth 1000 words and I wish I had one right now. I think there are two different ways to place the heat shield, with the wide side or long side sticking out. I started wide, with less of the shield hanging out to protect the valve and brewmometer and ended up switching it so more of the shield is exposed.

I’ve found that a lot of how well the shield works has to do with the burner. The more BTUs you have and the larger the burner, the more likely the heat comes out past the sides of the kettle and blasts your valve or sight glass.

If you really want to lose the heat and you have a some welding skills, you can always make something like this:

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