Heading to Cheyenne, WY

Any recommended stops while there? brewpubs, breweries, liquor stores, brew shops, etc.

I’m sorry :roll:

What direction are you coming/going? Flying or driving?

Spearfish SD has a little pub/brewery, Crow Peak. Also Rapid City, Firehouse.

Stop by my place for a homebrew!

When are you coming?

There is a brand new brewpub downtown, but the name escapes me right now.

The best liquor store in Cheyenne is 1/2 mile from my home, it’s called Town & Country. Best prices, best inventory.

I’ll be coming from LaCrosse, wi and will be staying for a night and day. Thought I would try to fit in a little fun while there.

Well, Cheyenne is generally referred to as either "A cowboy town with a drinking problem, or a drinking town with a cowboy problem. Not much to do here, but drink. Some sleazy strip joints too.

Are you flying in, or driving?

Not much in Cheyenne, but Ft Collins, CO is only about 30-45 minutes south on I-25, and there are a couple good homebrew shops and some awesome craft breweries (Odell’s, New Belgium, Funkwerks, etc) in that town.