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Having difficulty with my keg

I got my keg hooked up saturday with a fresh CO2 tank and a brand new braggot. Got it going to ~20 PSI. Today I went to test it. Not expecting carbonation yet, but I wanted to make sure it would at least pour, but nothing came out. There is beer in the line but no movement. I also noticed the grey quick disconnect (is that what it’s called?) keeps coming lose, the grey bit that’s supposed to clamp down to the in line post, connecting the gas to the keg. It does not want to stay on the post. Moments ago, it just popped off. The black disconnect stays put securely but the grey one won’t. As I was trying to reset everything, I pulled the vent on the keg lid and CO2 came out, so clearly at some point between saturday and today, some CO2 got in, and it was pouring on Saturday immediately after I set it up.

Is there a way to fix this? Do I need a new gas line? I was hoping to have this braggot ready by this weekend.

The disconnects can be difficult to secure all the way down sometimes. They should ‘click’ once it’s down all the way and not pop off. Is it a new keg? Could try some food grade silicone lubricant on the o-ring to help the disconnect slide all the way down. Depending on your temp you could quick carb at 20psi. Give it a couple to a few days then lower it down to serving pressure.

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And be sure that the liquid and gas dis-connects are on the correct posts… I had difficultly’s with just that and switched to pin locks… solved my problem…

I know it sounds simple but make sure you are on the correct posts. The gas side of your keg should have a mark of some kind like a dimple or cut in the rubber near the post. I have one keg that is hard to tell and ended up marking the gas side with a marker when it was empty and could see the dip tube.

What is the high pressure gauge reading? It will be lower if it is inside the fridge but should be out of the red zone.

@loopie_beer is right on the food grade silicone. If you don’t have any just wetting the QD with water will help. Spraying a little Starsan on it won’t hurt either.

Lastly to see if gas is coming out, try turning it on and depress the pin inside the QD with a pencil or something to see if you can hear it.

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I usually spray Star San on both posts before hooking them up. Gives the rubber a little lube. These probably sound stupid but I’ve these happen: Verify there’s gas in your tank. Verify the tank valve is open. Verify any other valving is open. Verify there’s gas at the ball lock by submerging it in water and cracking the threaded connection. I will pull the PRV once I ensure there’s gas to the fitting to make sure I hear the regulator working. I have a habit of giving the gauges a very gentle tap with a finger to make sure they’re moving freely. Hope this helps. Good luck!

FYI-The base of the gas fitting on my kegs has a cut in each flat so you can tell which is which by feel.

None of that sounds stupid and I can claim a couple of those things as problems. The idea sounds so simple but there really is a lot going on in a draft system.

Never mind, just had to give the QD’s a bit more pressure than I was expecting

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