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Have very slow fermentation

I have made several batches of cider using store bought cider and pitching White Labs WLP775 English Cider yeast which is good for 68-75f which has worked fine for me. Fermentation has been very good within 24 hrs after pitching.

This time I thought I would use apple juice and see what type of flavor I would get just wanted to experiment a little. After 24 hrs or so I saw no activity 2 days later very little activity maybe a couple bubble every few minutes. Today is Saturday the 14th not much of anything. OG was 1.079 and I checked it today Saturday and it is 1.030. By the way I started this on 12/10/13.

When I opened it I could see the yeast working but nothing to brag about. Is there something wrong?

All sounds normal to me.

Thanks dmtaylo2,still new at this and I was use to what looked like and eruption and the airlock going crazy. This time around little or no activity made me feel a little nervous. Looks like this may take a couple weeks at the rate it is going when I am use to it being done in about 8 days or so.

I will be starting another batch on the 17th using cider this time, have one been done now 3 weeks just waiting for Christmas before I enjoy it. And also the one I think is just a little slow so I will have plenty going into the new year.

Compared to beer, cider doesn’t have the proteins in it that would make foam/suds/head. So the yeast will be working away and you won’t have as much evidence of the activity. Also, there will be a lot of dissolved CO2 once it is done, so shaking the carboy will release it (and make you wonder if it is finished.)

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