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Have super gravity math genius, need some help

So not sure if you saw much cluster f@ck with my centennial blonde.

Well anyways, I am an idiot and ended up having to secondary ferment it with 4# strawberries and 2/3 cups of sugar.
This was all due to me pumping pure o2 into a finished beer and pitching yeast. This was supposed to happen to the beer next too it. Not ask, I am still angry.

Well any ways back to the math question…

Prior to strawberries and cane sugar the original gravity was 1.052. It has now finished at 1.010. With the strawberries and sugar addition on the 5 gal batches, what should I recalculate the OG at?

Trying to determine new abv.

Your sugar and fruit addition added ~8oz sucrose to your beer, resulting in an additional 0.55% ABV after fermentation

you sir are the best. Thank you kind sir.

Could you please explain how you came up up with that?

Yes, please do. 0.5 lbs of sugar would have uped the OG by 4points and approx 0.5% ABV according to my calc…so between 4lbs of berries and 2/3cup of sugar, he’d have more than that, no?

Maybe Strawberries really aren’t that sweet or contain that much natural sugar? Just a guess

First, I assumed 2/3 cup of sugar to be 5 oz.
Second, Strawberries contain 5% sugar by weight. 4 Lbs Straberries would come to 3 oz pure sugar.

This is a total of 8oz sugar, or 21 PPG.

21 points / 5 gallons = 1.0042

Assuming that the sugar fully ferments, .0042*131 = 0.55% ABV

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