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Have a batch of winter warmer in the seconday been there for 5 weeks still fermenting

Hell o just question I made a 1 gallon winter warmer in the first fermenter for about 3 weeks second one still in after 5 weeks still giving off a lot of carbon gas and a rim of small bubble around the top of the beer is not this too long to be in the secondary ??should be done ?

thanks for replys

You racked it to a secondary for aging? As long as you were careful racking I wouldn’t worry. I would worry more about bottling to early.

Was your beer at final gravity before you racked it to the secondary? If the beer was racked off the yeast cake before final gravity was reached the fermentation may take quite some time to finish or stall and not finish. Bottling in the case of a stalled fermentation could result in excessive carbonation pressure in the bottles. This could be dangerous.

A few more details about specific gravity would help. Was this beer an all grain beer or extract?

Thanks for the reply I didn’t take a reading after the first fermentation I picked up a kit after I had switched it is not a all grain kit so I think I am screwed

No you are not screwed. Keep this one in the secondary for a while longer. Perhaps bring it up to a warm room temperature. Something like 72° to 76°F. What temperature is your current beer in the primary at and the temperature for the one in the secondary?

Do you have a hydrometer to check specific gravity?

Even though the recipe includes instructions for using a secondary it isn’t always necessary. Most often a secondary is used when there will be additions like oak cubes or fruit. A beer will clear just as well in the primary as it will in a secondary vessel. No fermentation should be expected to occur in a secondary vessel.

Keep us informed.

In your experience and process. My experience shows differently, thus I secondary.

But I agree that you need to take readings in the future. Hard to tell if a beer is done fermenting if you can’t tell what the current Gravity is.

Since it’s a 1gal batch I would limit the readings, or use a refractometer. Please note that a refractometer needs adjusted in the presence of alcohol. With that in mind I would keep a 1gal batch in primary for at least 3 weeks. This would likely ensure fermentation has completed then use my secondary.

I’ll add a disclaimer to all my posts that I am expressing my opinion.

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