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Hat's off to Wil Wheaton

So, I’ve always considered myself a nerd. I’ve had various hobbies through the years and my current hobby is brewing (along with several other’s but my wife will tell you brewing is currently number 1 :joy:) I grew up watching Star Trek Next Generation with my family every Saturday night and my wife and I currently religiously watch Big Bang Theory so I’m very familiar with who Wil Wheaton is. All this being said, a while back, NB started selling kits designed by Wil Wheaton. Being a lifelong nerd and fan, they immediately went on my radar for kits I wanted to try.

I brewed up Wootstout this past March after getting to try the real thing on tap in NC this past summer at a local brewshop planning it to be my Christmas beer for this year. I also at the same time went full on Wheaton and ordered the Vandal Eyes PA kit which I brewed a few weeks later. I had some fairly simple questions about Bourbon selection and timing issues for Wootstout so I thought, what the heck, let’s see if he actually answers. I found his email online and sent off a few questions. The dude wrote back with his advice within the hour! I was floored that he took the time out to answer a simple fan question about a kit he was involved with designing.

I just tapped the Vandal Eyes PA and I have to say I’m quite happy with the results. It’s a very nicely balanced IPA with a wonderful nose. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid IPA kit to try out.

Just wanted to post a simple hats off to Wil Freaking Wheaton for a great kit and for taking the time to get back to a fan.



That’s pretty cool!

Cool story!

He’s really cool in person as well, generous with his time and friendly. He also really likes his own beer!

This is from the NHC last year.


I’m waiting for home brewing to show up in an episode of Big Bang.


Never heard of him

Really? you 2 should spend more time here chattin’ with us,YOU BIG SHOOTERS! :laughing: Looks very cool…. Sneezles61

Great story, love hearing this! Usually find that brewers love to talk about their own brew and recipes. Glad to see a celebrity like Wil really enjoys the hobby and fellow brewers alike!

I love Wil…not in that way… Im a big nerd when it comes to stuff like that. I started playin DND when I was 6 (back in '77)
I grew up watchin STNG. was happy when I seen him on TBBT, the guild web series, and now table top on youtube. Ive watched the brewingTV episode with him a bunch of times already, mostly to get all grain ideas in my head. Id love to do his Wootstout recipe.

Who is he - cool sounding name

Haven’t you seen the movie ‘Stand By Me’?

No Ace, just you. Classic movie.

Why are you putting so much emphasis on the h?

Ya, I seen Stand By Me. Guess he was in it

I have to admit that I had to Google him.

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