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Has anybody used Best Malz Red X

Has anyone had any experience with Best Malz Red X Malt? I am looking to use 100%. Also would this work with Eureka Hops?

I have used Red X at 100% and it turns out good,it’s kind of between Vienna and munich. I have never used Eureka hops so I can’t help with that. I use Magnum a lot for my bittering hop then I use one or two other hops for flavor and aroma.I think just about any hops would work,it’s getting the balance right.

Thanks that is a helpful description and a grain I will try. I had a smash beer made with Eureka Hops and really liked them.
Here is the description and it seems to be what I remembered.
Dank, Black Currant, dark fruit, strong herbal notes, Pine Tree, Mint, pungent,
light grapefruit rind, citrus, Tangerine. Good oil content drives flavor. Simcoe on Steroids!

To update, I used 100% Redx and it has to be one of the best colors I have seen in a beer. To early to taste but if it is like the descriptions I will be in to trying in other styles.

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