Harvesting yeast

i have a bomber bottle of duvel and noticed a great layer of yeast at the bottom…is there any way i could collect this to store and use for another belgium beer? i also have a chimay blue bomber that i assume has the same stuff…

obviously ive never done this before

You definitely can. Just put it into a small (100-200 mL) starter, let it ferment out to make sure you have viable and uncontaminated yeast, then store it in the fridge. You’ll still need to step it up 2-3 more times to get to a pitchable quantity.

Duvel is available as 1388/WLP570, BTW. So the propagation might not be worth your time. Chimay is 1214/WLP500.

You can. After pouring the beer, you basically make a small starter and step up. Because of the variety of yeast available, I haven’t done this in years. Remember to keep everything sanitary. I’ve heard that some breweries will bottle with different yeast than fermentation, so you might not get what want.

edit: What a10t2 said.