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Harvested yeast now what

Harvested Safale US 05 and want to use it with a high gravity beer I plan on brewing next. The OG on this brew is estimated at 1.070-74. I plan on making a starter but do I need a 2000 ml flask for a starter or am I ok with the smaller 1000? That is what I have now. Do I just use the whole works for the starter? Also I harvested from the secondary and not the primary. Will this matter? Here is a photo of what I harvested.

What size batch are you doing? Generally go 5.5 gal you’ll need from 200 ml to 400ml depending on your gravity

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I do starters in mason jars

Harvesting from secondary isn’t that big of a deal, but you’re selecting for yeast cells that do not flocculate as well. The properties of the yeast will start drifting pretty quickly if you keep harvesting in this manner, be it for better or worse. But you can expect it to start performing differently than a fresh pitch of US-05, or one harvested from primary.

But it does give you some nice clean yeast!


This is a 5 gallon extract batch. I have only done starters in the 1000 ml flask and have read somewhere along the way that a 2000 ml was preferred for a higher gravity beer. Wanted some opinions on this and whether or not the whole contents of the mason jar are used for the starter. Have never used harvested yeast before so its all new to me.

Thanks Porkchop. Harvesting the yeast was kind of a last minute decision since this next batch I’m doing recommends the 05 yeast. Had never done it before and didn’t even think about doing it from the primary when I transferred. I will harvest from the primary from now on.

Yes use it all. Looks only to be about 100 ml. For .070 I’m guessing 400ml. You may be able to do it in 1000ml flask. Or you can split the yeast and do Two starters. If money doesn’t matter buy the big one I guess. The next time save more yeast or pitch the big beer onto the primary yeast cake

What I’ve been doing lately is harvesting from primary and secondary in a large container. I then mix the yeast so I can keep the high flocculation and attenuation.

Awesome. I will use it all and harvest again. I do have a 64 oz glass milk jug and was thinking of using that for the starter this time. I think that’s 2000 ml.

That’s a good idea too. Do you then transfer to smaller containers? The photo above was all the yeast I was able to get from secondary.

That should work but make sure you don’t pour real hot wort in it chill first

According to Brewersfriend yeast starter calculator you’ll need 281 billion cells for a 1,074 ale.

Use the link below to figure out how to create a starter of the appropriate size. You may need to step it up more than once. This calculator is one of the most conservative in terms of viability but I prefer that because I’d rather overpitch than underpitch. If you have questions about how to use the calculator post them here and we’ll help.

edit: I have 2 1 gallon glass jugs and 2 2 gallong plastic water storage jugs that I create my starters in. I use the swirl method. None of my containers would work on a stir plate.

Also as to your question of what to use, decant off most of the liquid leaving just enough to swirl up the yeast cake and use all of it.

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2 gallon starters? That’s a small batch beer in my book


Yea I hear you. This week I had a 4L starter that needed to be stepped up to 6L for a 10 gal batch. It was fine for 5 gals so I just brewed that instead. Then I’ll split it for 10.

I just like the 2 gal size jugs for 4L starters. Usually enough head space…but that’s another topic.

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