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Hardware for CO2 lines through cooler wall

I am building a portable cooler to serve my beer at family gatherings/functions. I want to store my CO2 tank on the outside of it to reduce the overall storage and transport size of the cooler. Is there any hardware that I can install in the wall of the cooler that allows for quick hookup of a CO2 tank on the outside? I would rather not run the line directly through the cooler.

Welcome to the forum! Have you looked at jockey plates? That may be the simplest for what you want to do… See if Brew Cat re-posts his picture of his “portable” brew tap set up… Its really one of the neatest looking ideas I’ve seen for that… Sneezles61

You might want to think about. Quick disconectors. At a shop who has air compressor. Parts. Or ball valve quik disconectors

Quick connect are prone to failure. I use them a lot at work with pressured air and wish they were better made.
But I still use them

That’s why I use pin locks. My air tools are all ball lock because they are fast to switch tools but they do leak occasionally if they get dirty. If you use them on the gas side maybe but on the liquid side getting beer in the ball bearings is just something more to clean.

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And pin locks you just can’t connect the gas to the liquid post… You just can’t! Sneezles61

You are looking for what’s called a bulkhead fitting.

This is a fancy one with a gas post on one side:

but you can get (or build) one with MFL fittings on both sides.

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