Hard Water Question

So I bought some mason jars, boiled some water with the jars,lids,etc. for about 10 minutes. I planned on using the water for washing some yeast and then saving it for later in the fridge. You guys know the drill (I really don’t, but you’ve inspired me to attempt new things)
So when finished there was a LOT of hard water “flakes” in the bottom of the kettle. I was hesitant to use this water, but I did. Tried to keep out all the sediment that I could.
Will this washed yeast still be ok? I’m thinking about using distilled water for this operation next time. As a matter of fact I purchased a few gallons and I’m about to give it a go this weekend. Any drawbacks to using distilled water?
FWIW the water here is excellent, the city doesn’t even chlorinate, I checked, no chlorine, it’s just liquid rock
Any thoughts and, or experience in this area please help me out.



You are actually better to go this route because by boiling you removed the oxygen from the water. You want to do this when washing yeast or they will use the oxygen to metobolize.

In addition, by boiling you reduced the temporary hardness (what was in the bottom). It was good that you left this behind.

Thanks Loopie, I feel better about it now, didn’t realize the hardness was dropping out but that makes sense. So now instead of tossing the yeast I’ll use it Yay! :cheers: