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Hard seltzer kits

So i see there are now hard seltzer homebrew kits, I’ve had some commercial offerings and been kinda ‘meh’ on them, I’d probably order a seltzer over a Miller Lite, but I’d take any real beer hands down.

So anyway, maybe i just don’t get it, but “brewing” hard seltzer seems silly to me… shouldn’t you just make it by…

Dump some fruit juice in the keg
Dump a pint or fifth of Everclear in the keg
Top-off the keg with water (maybe boiled and cooled, or distilled)
Force-carb it to a zillion volumes.
Get hammered.

Actually this seems like the perfect application for a Soda Stream.

Yes I agree. I made some the easy way with vodka and diluted to 5% and squeezed a lime into it and carbed it up. I get why commercial hard seltzer is fermented because it’s taxed less than spirits.

Some are made that way. I thought about making one just to make one.

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