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Hard cider with sake yeast


First time cider maker here. I just made a 3 gallon batch that i pitched with White Labs WLP705 sake yeast. Just used fresh, uv treated cider and about 12 oz of honey. Any body have any experience making cider using sake yeast? Or any idea how it may turn out? Thanks in advance for the help!

Never tried or thought of it. Could be interesting or just normal. Let us know.
Are you keeping the temps cold/lagering?


Will definitely let you know how it turns out. I pitched the yeast about 20 hrs ago and it looks like it is just starting to ferment. Not lagering - it’s just sitting at room temp…

any results/conclusions?

Crispin Cider Company makes a cider fermented with sake yeast. I haven’t tried it yet but this has apparently been thought of before, and might be worth a taste to anyone interested in learning what it might do for you.

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