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Hard cider issue?

Boiled cider and put in carboy. I added the yeast(sparkling and sweet) . I used a blow off tube with star san and water solution. Went to check on it and noticed that the water solution went in the carboy. It was about 1/2 cup in a 5 gals. Is this a n issue?

1/2 cup in 5 gallons won’t be a problem.

I wouldn’t boil cider. You’ll set the pectin creating permanent haze. You’ll probably need pectic enzyme to clear it out. All you need to do is heat it to 170 for 20 minutes. You kill the bugs but don’t set the pectin. Also, what temperature was the cider when you transferred it to the carboy and pitched your yeast? Sounds like the air space in the carboy was still pretty warm and then cooled creating a vacuum that caused the StarSan to be sucked in. If the cider was still hot when you pitched the yeast, the yeast might not be viable anymore either. I pitch yeast when the cider is in the low 60’s. I put the carboy in a ice batch and keep it around 55 degrees for a sweeter flavor.

I’ve done something similar. My brew was 75 when I put in the freeze-mentor, which was set a 62…. That sucked in water from my blow off bottle… My brew wasn’t harmed, maybe more of my mind set thinking it was. Sneezles61

Thank you all for the advice. I had brew on the mind.

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