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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone remember to be positive today. House full here. The Cat Cave has been turned into a yoga studio/ storytime room not by me mind you. There has even been talk about moving the pack and play down there. Jeez. It’s all good wouldn’t want it any other way.


Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to all. Haven’t brewed much lately but I’m here every day. Hope all of you have a great day.



My 11 y/o son announced he wanted to learn how to make pies last night. Going on a walk in 20F to get pie ingredients. I get to warm up the rest of the day to the smell of pies. What a great way to spend a day.
TYS to all here and I’ll tip my glass to Flars.

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Happy Thanksgiving gang.

All my “kids” are home for the holiday. No grand kids, well, except my daughter’s 9 month old pit bull who brings plenty of energy to the house. It’s been a rough year for dogs around here. We lost Brutus, my brew buddy in my avatar pic and Scooby our 16 year old jack russell so we’re thankful to have the pup around to liven things up.

To Flars and his family! slainte!


Happy Thanksgiving! Family, football, and beer!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too my friend


Happy Thanksgiving and a big thank you to all of the contributors on this board! Your wealth of knowledge and willingness to share has been a tremendous help in getting me started with this fantastic hobby.

Its Turkey day… Turkey’s!
A very happy Thanksgiving to all out there! I trust it will be well needed day with family! Wife and I haven’t anything happening today… Turkey log, some football, I’m certain we’ll slip in a couple home brews…
I’ll reflect on all things positive in my life today… Among them, all of you! Thank you! Sneezles61

Have a fun day. My brew friends. Happy. Thanks giving

Happy Thanksgiving my friends. Anyone brew anything Special were having Orange Cranberry Belgian pale ale.

I will brew a Dunkelwiess on Saturday. Today I’m making a wine reduction glaze for our ham that uses the Beet Wine experiment I made.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Just home from the inlaws and grandkid\other family :wink: time. Very thankful for all the blessings in my life including this whole thing.
Gonna settle in with a homebrew.

S.T.U.F.F.E.D… Sneezles61


Belated happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Just the two if us plus the two furballs Shep and Gus dogs but we had a great day watching football games we didn’t care who won and drinking a few beers. Swill for me Magic Hat #9 for her. My only keg of homebrew that I have and had primed is flat and the CO2 was low so Yuengling cans it was for me but more about that another time.

We only did a turkey breast for just two but it’s turkey sandwiches for black Friday. I like them with lettuce, mayo and slices of cranberry sauce.

Unlike @squeegeethree our walk was in 75° weather. @dannyboy58 so sorry about your pups so close together. We know your pain and have gone through it four times together. Our boy Shep is getting up there and we dread even the thought.

Here is to Flars. I’m sure he would have posted some mouth watering pictures yesterday.


Was a fun day yesterday mostly. The sours were very popular I think I made a few converts. The Thanksgiving Pale Ale was also enjoyed

mash potatoes for breakfast… so happy

So finally back to “normal life” and back on the board. Belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Was at the inlaws so it is very nice to get back home and not have to share my bedroom with two little ones. :innocent:


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Welcome back home! ^^^^^^ So, whats up next? Sneezles61

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