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Happy St Paddy's

Went bowling and got my beer on the house. Heading to lunch for corned beef and a Guinness


My pedantic irish grammy said… It’s St Patricks or St Paddy’s…never Pat’s or Patty’s…

Though the real St Patrick was not Irish the Irish claim rights to him and his name and Patrick would’e been Padraig in gaelic Irish hence Paddy not Patty… I don’t care what you call it but I’m not sure you wanna mess with my grammy even though she’s been dead since 1970. She was a wicked ear twister!

Guinness sounds good…I’ve got some dry Irish stout on tap that was brewed Feb 2019 for St Patrick’s Day. Was fantastic last year. Guess I’ll test it’s longevity again today.


There i fixed it. Don’t know what came over me :beers:


So with Irish day, along side it goes a black and tan… I’ve only used Harps and topped with Guinness… I could not find Harps… So I saw Guinness Baltimore Blonde… Figured it’ll have to do… Brewed and bottled in Baltimore… And put in a 11.2 oz bottle!
Now to find the B&T turtle… its around here somewhere… Here turtle-turtle…


I’ve got cans of Murphy’s plus Jameson and Bailey’s here. . .bout to Facetime with my former neighbor for our annual St Paddy’s day tradition! :red_car::bomb: Sláinte!



OOH, wife just made me a sandwich… Whole wheat, Piles of corned beef, smothered in horse-y radish… and a hunk of Swiss cheese! The horse-y made it right to the middle of me eye’s…

Public Service Announcement for St Paddy’s revelers.

Dropkick Murphy’s will of course host the live stream of their show in Dublin. It’s free and likely we’ll under way by now.

Flogging Molly is doing a livestream tickets are $20 which is less than I usually donate for free livestream shows. They also have options for merch with your ticket.

Slainté boys!

Important edit! FM is streaming from Dublin and started at 3pm EST. DKM’s are from Baaaston per usual. See @loopie_beer’s post below for more info

Thanks for posting. Dropkick Murphys starts at 7pm.

Murphys were big fun as usual. I always end up watching them alone unless my boys are here. Bella the pitty liked Dirty Glass but was disdainful of pretty much everything else.

I missed these shows… That would’ve been fun to blast that!

I played Dexys Midnight Runners on my phone. That was all I could get away with without using the earbuds here.

they’re both available for replay I believe. I know DKMs will be.

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DKM was entertaining. Not quite my type of music but entertaining nonetheless!

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My daughter says they’re an acquired taste. Like beer. She likes neither. It was more entertaining when they were younger now it’s kind of a cult I guess. 80’s irish punk. Lots of fun live.

Oh I could see how their live shows would be great. I enjoyed it it’s just not my usual type of music.

How to speak like an Irishman. Say this fast, whale oil beef hooked.


Anyone watch Peaky Blinders? Highly recommend it if you like listening to Irish gangster talk

I tried when it first came out and couldn’t get through the first episode without falling asleep. People keep telling me I should watch so I may try again. Same with West World. It just doesn’t engage me or the wife.

West World after the second season lost me…
I really enjoyed Peaky Blinders. I made it through all 5?seasons, early in the pandemic. Kinda like Mad Men, you felt left out if you didn’t have a glass of whiskey in your hand.

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Takes a few episodes to get all the characters developed but by the third episode your hooked. But its not for people who don’t like shows with sex and violence and period pieces

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