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Hand pump(sanke) converted to a CO2

:arrow: OK first things first…
I am a novice brewer (almost 2 years).
I am new to Northern Brewer (signed up today-6/1)

:?: I have a (Sanke) Hand Pump Tap… and want to convert it to a CO2 tap.

The Hand Pump is slightly different than the standard tap in that the gas goes in the top and beverage come out the side. Whereas the standard tap has CO2 in the side and beverage coming out the top. I am looking for the (brass fitting) to go in to the top(gas input) from the CO2 tank.

HAND PUMP (pictures)

STANDARD CO2 TAP (pictures)


  1. What is the thread and size of thread going into the tap?
  2. Can CO2 be effectively used with this hand pump conversion to CO2?
  3. If its possible… what is the part# for the 90 degree elbow going to a 1/4" barbed end?[/i][/b]

Thank you very much in advance… I know this is elementary for you guys…
(from my review of the posts I have milled through)…

Tall order. I would buy the Sanke tap for ~$40 and not worry about couples leaking.

Otherwise… According to this, the pump is 1/2" NPT. … -x3-4.html

So we go 1/2" male NPT to 1/4" MFL.

Then a swivel nut to the gas line. … arb-2.html

NB may have the same parts. These were the 1st I found.

I see this too… and this makes more sense…
I measured the recieving end of the Sanke Tap and it shows 3/4".
Like this one… ... tabcontent

What do you think?..


9.49 + 1.29 = 10.78

  • shipping = about the cost to buy the darn tap… lol

This is my last part needed…
and I thought it was going to be a cheap fix to adapt this hand pump… NOPE… :stuck_out_tongue:

now my decision is Low Profile (and keep the crisper in my garage fridge) ... e-tap.html

or go with the (Standard Sanke Tap) and get rid of the bottom shelf of my fridge)

$30 vs $55…

Brewing is like Boating…
“Boating is like a big hole in the water you throw money into”
lol… thanks for the help…

You can always take it to the hardware store and match it up there to check the size.

I like the idea of purchasing the correct item. Regular or low profile is a personal choice.

I broke down and just went and bought the correct coupler… :slight_smile:
US Sanke Coupler and hook up with party tap… (new) $35.
worth it… now I wait for my gear… and that should be just in time to rack my brew.

Thanks for the help…

Just got my new coupler and party tap in the mail today… all works like a charm!!!
Transferred my brew to secondary fermentation…
another 2 weeks I will be keging for the first time…
Both kegs are cleaned and now filled will sanitizer…
2 weeks is SOOOOOOO long when its Christmas like this… lol


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