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Halloween Brewing

Anyone brewing on Halloween night? I am planning to brew my 2nd and 3rd lager ever. Finally got my yeast starters cranking and happy and stepping up once more between now and Monday.

Got this great image of standing over a large pot in my back yard with dark thick liquid bubbling inside. Maybe I will get an eye patch and cackle every now and then.

Maybe I will toss a candy bar into the wort for good measure…nevermind :cheers:

I will be brewing Monday morning. I would like to be able to do 2 brews that day but have to work at Midnight on the 1st.

I will be brewing up an Alaskan Amber clone recipe for a friend, not my favorite kind of beer but she sprung for a little more than 1/2 the cost, I keep half and get to brew!

I was going to brew while handing out candy on Sunday just to see if anyone calls the cops because they thought I had a meth lab or something. After further review I’m putting the brew day off a week. I brew in my garage and I didn’t want it open with all the unknown people wandering around the area. No sense advertising all the crap I have in the garage to an endless stream of strangers.

My garage is around back, so I have my own little world :stuck_out_tongue:

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