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Hallertau Sub for German Hefeweizen

Local homebrew shop is out of hallertau and so is their supplier. Can you use Tradition or Herkules as a substitute or too strong? Are there suitable US substitutes? Liberty is close but I see that folks only recommend it for bocks and other dark, malty beers.

Any of the ones you have mentioned will be just fine. If given the choice, my gut tells me to go with Tradition. But they’re all fine.

Tradition is obviously a Hallertau cousin so makes sense. With its high AA, 1 oz will be enough for about three batches (or more). Cant live without my hefeweizen… :slight_smile:

Mt Hood (US Substitute) works pretty good if you can get your hands on some… Cheers!!!

I am in the same boat…love me a good hefe…I love how quick they go from boil to bottle too…

I used some Mittelfruh in a hefe I made yesterday. It really doesn’t matter, since you are only using enough for 10IBUs anyway and you’ll likely do a 90min boil for the pils component of the grist. I’ve used Tettnanger before too, and Magnum. I have some Herkules, I’m saving it for something where I can assess its character.

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