Half Price on BYO subscription

Who’s looking to get a year’s subscription to BYO (Brew Your Own) Magazine for $16.50? This will include both the print AND the online editions.

It’s time for me to renew my BYO subscription. Normally, this costs $33. I’ve got a certificate to gift a subscription to someone with my renewal. I figured we could both save some cash if you wanted to split the cost. PM me soon if interested. Here’s how it will work: You’ll send me the cash (paypal preferred) and your mailing address and I’ll set it up. No tricks. No games. Just straight-up savings for the both of us. :cheers:

Ill play. I havent been getting it for the last year, but at $2 an issue Im game.

Cool. Glad I could save us both a buck.

Where did you get the certificate? They used to send them to me all the time, but I haven’t received one in a while. I wanted to renew mine and give a gift to my friend that I brew with.

Is there an online code as well? That would be much easier.

I’ve been meaning to write/call BYO but I have not got around to it.

They mailed it to me. Call 1-800-900-7594 and ask about the deal. I bet they give it to you.

Well, it’s that time of year and I have another BOGO deal for my BYO renewal. Anyone interested in half price deal? One year digital and print for $16.50?

I haven’t received one of those yet this year. Did it come in the most recent issue or separately?

Mine came as a “extra”, tear off cover on my latest issue. My subscription is almost up, so I guess I was selected for this round.

Seems like I’m late to the party here but I would potentially be on board if someone falls through or if someone else is in a similar boat.

Yeah, Greg pm’d me and said he wanted to re-up. I bet if you called them at 1-800-900-7594 (8:30a-5:00p M-F PST) with two subscribers you’d get that deal.

If Greg backs out, I’ll send you a message.