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Half packet of yeast

What would the best way to measure a half packet of yeast with out contaminating it :?:

I vote for:
Weighing it, that’s what I do.
No scale, use your graduated cylinder, or for dry yeast dump it on tin foil, divide with a flamed
knife, roll up the unused yeast in the foil.

I’d disagree. If you have an accurate digital scale, pour yeast into a container (zero out container first), and measure just half. Most dry yeast is measured in grams. I don’t necessarily use this strategy for beer yeast, but with bread yeast in packets or works well.

How do you disagree? We offered the same advise.
No need to dump into a container on the scale and tare, Just slowly dump a bit out of the package (into your wort or erlenmeyer flask ect.), and weigh the package until you have 1/2 the weight of yeast. 11g pack, minus 5.5, 5g pack minus 2.5 ect.

Same advice. You are correct.

I cut open a corner of the packet with sanitized scissors, put it on the scale, zero the scale, poor out the yeast into a flask or straight into the wort (depending on if I need to hydrate), and weigh again. I keep doing this until it reads a negative weight of half the packet, usually like 6 grams or so.

I almost forgot to mention once I poured out enough yeast I just roll up the yeast packet tightly, rubberband it, and put it in an airtight container in the fridge. Had to problems with this and been doing it for awhile now.

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