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Had my 1st blowout! need help

I Brewed an Irish stout extract yesterday and today when I checked on the fermenting I found that I had a blowout. The airlock was still in tact (top and all) but head space on the 6.5 gallon carboy was full of foam and foam running out of the top of the airlock and side of carboy? Is this batch going to be ok? Can any one that has experienced this please give me some feedback on the turnout? Thanks

Your beer will be fine. Do you have a blow off hose? If so, sanitize that and put it into a bucket of water…add some sanitzer if you wish. What temp are you fermenting at?

This one turned out fine… Yours probably will too… Cheers!!!

Great picture! If you think about it, any contamination that there could possibly be would be expelled with any of the krausen, so you should be just fine…kind of like if you get bitten by a snake the old fix is to suck it out. Even though you’d still get poisoned, and so would the person sucking out the poison most likely, so I guess that isn’t a great example, but I’m sure you get the idea. You should be fine. Do as they say and sanitize the blow off tube and you’ll be good.

Here is one example of what blow off hoses look like. This is frequently referred to as a BBBOT. Big Bore Blow Off Tube

What size tubing is that and it fits in the carboy tight enough to seal?



1" ID

Now days I use the 15 gallon Curtec fermenters which I fitted with a 1/2" grommet and a standard 3-piece airlock. When I expect to get blowoff on those, I cut the bottom 1/2" off the tip of my airlocks so that the cross-hairs are gone. Then I install the airlock housing and slip a piece of 1/2" ID tubing over the center of the airlock housing. The other end of the tube goes in a bucket of water. This works just as well.

I don’t have a picture available but if you look below, imagine taking off the airlock cap and bubbler and slipping the 1/2" hose over the center portion.

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