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Had a blow out... what to do?

I had a slight blow out while brewing some caribou slobber and it blew out all the water in my airlock. I checked it this morning 6:00am and when I got home I checked it at like 7:00pm and saw it like it was. I quickly took the airlock off washed it out and used some sanitizing solution i had leftover and filled it back up. Just wondering if there is anything else I should do and do you think I will be alright?

You are fine. Try using sanitizer solution (star San) mixed with water or vodka as an alternative to water in your airlock. What is your current temp for fermenting?

its about 70-72 F

i agree,you should be fine

Beer or ambient? Either which way, those a fairly high temps and probably the reason for the blow off. I ferment my beer (actual beer temp, not ambient) at the lower to mid range of the yeast profile. This only only helps in blow off but a cleaner tasting flavor profile. One if the best things I did to improve my beer was to control ferm temps.

how exactly do you control your temp to get it cooler? My thermostat in my apartment is set to 70 and I don’t really want to put it lower than that. I also dont have a basement or any colder place to really put it to ferment. Just wondering if there are other options?

Easiest way is to get a tub like this, … -3&pi=SL75

You can get them cheap at Target.

Fill with water, place carboy in and use frozen water bottles to keep the temp down. Also search “swamp cooler” and you will come up with directions too.

Also Nighthawk has some great solutions in his signature line for controlling temps. The man is a life saver. Cheers

Blow off tubes allow a place for the excess Krausen to go. If you are using a 3pc air lock, 3/8th ID hose will fit over the inside of the air lock. Cut off the “X” on the bottom of the air lock to avoid having that plug up. No fix for an “S” air lock.

Many pictures here
. Some are a bit disturbing. :shock:

The 3/8th tubing can still get clogged. To combat that, a BBBO

Like mentioned, my signature line has links for keeping your temps down.

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