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Gulden draak 9000

I have snagged one of the last WY3739 and after a successful Piraat clone, I would like to do a Gulden Draak 9000 clone for the holidays. The specs that I can find are an ABV of 10.7%, three malts and a wine yeast for secondary fermentation. There has to be sugar in there or else the wine yeast attenuates a whole lot.
A stab in the dark would be: 80%pilsner, 15% munich and 5% special B with D45 at 15-20% fermentables, styrian and saaz lightly and the WY3739 with some sort of white wine/champagne yeast to finish.
What are your thoughts?

That sounds like a great idea for a recipe. Brew it exactly as you’ve specified and I’m sure you’ll have a great beer. I agree that the wine yeast will probably eat an awful lot of sugars – if you pitch enough active wine yeast, you might expect the final gravity down in the single digits, maybe 1.005 or someplace in that neighborhood would be my guess.

Unfortunately I haven’t heard of the “9000” or I might have more comments on the recipe – guess I’ll need to look for this beer, as the “regular” Gulden Draak is my number 1 favorite beer on this planet! I too love all the beers from Van Steenberg (Piraat, etc.).

Let us know how it turns out!


Definitely find it. I think it is much better!

I just had an original last night and got a few more ideas. FG came out to be 1.009. I got a lot of cherry stone fruit and vanilla notes last night from this. I think the cherry notes are probably higher alcohols that the original yeast will take care of but the vanilla notes are different. I have again looked into the net and can get no more information about this beer other than three malts and a wine yeast to finish. So unless I get any more information this is it.

10lbs pilsener
1.5lbs aromatic
1lb caramunich 40
3lbs D45 syrup

1.5oz styrian at 60
1oz saaz at 20


After 3 months in the keg, I regret to report that this was a disappointment. Definitely a good beer but not the original. The amber candy syrup was too much, maybe one package and the remainder sugar. The yeast left a haze that I’ve had before with this strain only. I don’t filter and do not plan on starting for one yeast variety. I may try this again with Forbidden Fruit or Westmalle’s yeast but I think I’m done with this strain.

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