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Guinness Keg Help

Hey guys. I just picked up a smaller 5.0cf chest freezer that I plan on using as a keezer/kegerator. It was a steal on CL so I jumped at the chance to finally get one.

My hope was to have 2 of my brews + a keg of Guinness on tap. Its looking very likely that won’t happen, but I might be able to squeeze a keg + one homebrew in there depending on the diameter of a Guinness keg.

The freezer is 16.5" x 24". I’ve seen estimates of Guinness keg diameter from 15.5"-16.25". Does anyone have a keg they could actually measure for me to get a real world number? I’m not sure if its the standard 50L euro keg, or something slightly different. Slightly different might mean the difference between it fitting and it not fitting.

Thanks for any help.

The 50l Guinness keg measures 15.5 in diameter. I use it for a boil pot (keggle).

Why not just brew a Dry Irish Stout? I homebrewed version, actually does taste better than the original in this case.

Research the tried and true 70/20/10 recipes on this.

Are you sure the widest is15.5"? Because the low area in the freezer (not including the hump) is 16.5"x15.5". I would be ecstatic if it actually fit in there…

Yep. 15.5 at It’s widest.

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