Guinness Blonde American Lager

Had a taste of the Guinness Blonde American Lager on tap today. Very nice light lager. Good malt taste, crisp, dry, sharp hops. Very much like a pilsner. I’ll have a couple when I go back there.

I tried the bottled version and thought it was pretty boring.

I didn’t think it was too bad. I’d grab it over a BMC.

Same here…it’s not bad at all. It’s almost a relief compared to so much of the overdone and over the top stuff out there these days (to me, it’s those brews that have become a bit “boring”).
The Guinness brew is actually a pretty refreshing quaff.

I guess “boring” is a bit denegrating. It is a well crafted beer.

Based on the above comments, I picked up a couple of bottles today(local grocery has a create your own 6 pack).
Have to agree- it may not be GREAT, but it’s pretty good for a blonde. Nice combination of hops.
My only question would have to be labeling and semantics. On the label it says they use “our famous Guiness yeast” yet they call it a lager.
Oh well, whatever you call it, I’d try another.

That puzzled me as well…I wonder if they used the same strain as their stout, or another house strain?
Either way, in the end it’s absolutely possible to make a perfectly fine and very credible ‘lager’ beer with ale yeast regardless of what anyone says.
It’s all about the flavor and character in the end result, not the ingredients.
(“If it quacks like a duck…”)

Saw a commercial for it last night and it said they use mosaic and willamette hops. Is it apparent in the aroma or taste?

Haven’t tried this beer, but I did have “Yacht” by Stillwater this weekend ... orary-line

and I’m pretty sure he is using Mosaic, at least for the DH. Frigging amazing. Really floral.

So I guess I am an advocate of using this hop in a lager or “Blonde Lale”

I just broke down and bought a sixer of this, which I’m sampling as I type. Bottom line-- I like it. Quite a little bit. Nice full, yet rounded maltiness, and enough crisp hoppiness to balance the malt nicely. Fairly smooth finish that lingers a good bit. Yep. Going for another one right now… :mrgreen:

The yeast is probably the Harp yeast.

I had it once, it wasn’t very memorable. I enjoy a harp on tap though.