Guiness Mix.. can I switch?

Hi folks,

I just found out that I can get ‘Guinness mix’ in my area. I’m wondering if it’s fine to just have them start filling my C02 tank with the mix instead of straight CO2 and continue to use the same regulator? My C02 tank is a steel 1800. The guy at the shop was thinking it wouldn’t work due to the fact that nitrogen tanks are generally pressurized to 3000 psi. But that is only a matter of volume… it has nothing to do with dispensing pressure???

Also… Do most people force carbonate with straight C02 and then switch to the mix?

You need a higher pressure regulator. The procedure partially carbonate the beer and then switch. You’ll also need a stout faucet to serve properly with nitrogen. Kegs on nitrogen are typically at about 30psi.

First not every beer is good on beer gas and it is expensive.

You will need a 3000 psi regulator gauge not sure about the tank if you can use yours.

You carb the beer to a low volume with CO2 then dispense it with beer gas at about 30 psi.

Okay thanks guys.

I’d love some other input… From reading things here and there… sounds like some folk use their mix for the initial carbonization too.

[quote=“mossanimal”]Okay thanks guys.

I’d love some other input… From reading things here and there… sounds like some folk use their mix for the initial carbonization too.[/quote]

You can do that, but because it’s only partially CO2 you’ll use more and it will take longer.

Thanks again.

I just checked my tank and it’s an aluminum 2050 psi and 7 cubic feet (an odd size I know). Just curious why you need a gauge that would read 3000psi? Do you just mean a regulator that can handle 3000??

This is really confusing. If I have a tank rated for 2000 psi… why wouldn’t they just fill it to whatever the tank is rated for? At what psi will this gas be delivered???

I believe there is no difference in the regulators. Only that you need a gauge that will handle the pressure of the gas.

I base this on 2 thing:

  1. I have a friend that has a Nitrogen mix in a CO2 tank (labeled N) so he could use a CO2 threaded regulator on hand.

  2. Beverage factory sells a 742BF and 742N regulator. The bodies appear the same. Different connectors to the tank, high side gauge and adjusting device.

IIRC the Fire shop that fills it said a CO2 tank will not hold as much N because of the higher pressure.

It looks like BF sells the same tank for CO2 as for N. Just the different valve. But it is rated higher.

BF may be able to confirm your suppliers concerns. If they dispel them, you are still at the mercy of the supplier.

I honestly use all the same equipment for my CO2 and Beer Gas mix setup.

Same tank, regulator, hoses, fittings…

Due to the higher psi pressure I will be pushing out, I do make sure everthing is super tight for no leaks though.

Okay… I’m going to have my supplier look into it because he wasn’t sure.

So now if somebody could give me some specs for delivery pressure and carbonation if I’m using straight mix? I will most likely go to keg conditioning before putting it on gas.

And looks like I need a faucet.

Look it up here on what you need and what to do.