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Guess that Beer?!

This was my second attempt at home brewing (plotting out my 6th attempt now) and I wasn’t actually following any recipe. So far everyone that has tried it loves it but I am unsure what to call it. Curious if anyone has any suggestions as to what category this beer might fall under. Taking into consideration that I am new to home brewing I think this is very good beer and would like to brew it again. That would of course be after I take some of your considerations into consideration …ahem.

5Gal AG Batch
60 min boil
OG 1.095
FG 1.018

12 lbs Pale Malt 2 Row US
4 lbs Caramel/Crystal 120
1lbs Dark Brown Sugar – 0 min boil

.5 oz millienium 14.25% 60 min boil
.5 oz Centennial 10.00% 60 min boil
.5 oz millienium 14.25% 30 min boil
.5 oz Centennial 10.00% 30 min boil
1 oz Crystal 3.5 % 0 min boil

Wyeast 1728 smack pack

(all stages between 64F-68F)
Primary – 2 weeks
Secondary 2-weeks
bottled 2-weeks

Call it whatever you like.
You can even call it “Arthur” (thank you, John Lennon).

Homebrewers (especially those new to the hobby) seem to get far too hung up on trying to fit their beers into a neat little BJCP category. The truth is that unless your entering it in competition, it doesn’t matter (and the guidelines aren’t gospel anyway…some of the categories are downright questionable and were developed for the sole purpose of allowing more competition entries).

Others will probably disagree, but most longtime brewers I know feel pretty much the same.

That’s a lot of C120.

And that is an awfully big beer if you only used one smack pack and no starter.

Did you really get 81% attenuation on a beer that big with 4 (!) pounds of C120 in it. Just curious…where did you get this recipe?

You could call it the new style CDA. It’s a little dark for a 9E. Strong Scotch Ale. It may have enough roastiness for a porter.

If people like it, call it a beer.

…If people like it, call it a beer.[/quote]

Best answer.

I am liking Nighthawk’s answer as well.

I just recently rediscovered Paul Simon’s “Graceland” cd in my collection.

So, I say call it “Betty”

I am about to call it “gone” as I only have 2 beers left from this batch. About to keg a barleywine and imperial stout, which both were recipes and have names!

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