Guess How Many Pieces of Candy Are In This Jar

I’ve always used a bucket for my primaries before. For reasons I won’t bother with, I used a carboy for the batch I brewed on Saturday. It was only after I’d sealed it up and began jotting notes, that I realized I didn’t know the post-boil volume. This is a 6-gal carboy. Does anyone care to hazard a guess at the volume of wort?[attachment=0]Carboy.jpg[/attachment]

Not quite 5.5 gallons. Maybe 5.3ish I’d wager.

Your wort looks kinda yellow in that pic. Optical illusion, or is there something like saffron or turmeric in there?

Thanks. I was shooting for at least 5 gallons and hoping for closer to 5-1/2.

The color in the photo is pretty true to life. Nothing special in the beer, although the grist is 50% wheat. I didn’t strain the wort coming out of the boil kettle this time and the photo’s taken right after pitching the yeast, so there’s a lot of particulate matter that hasn’t yet settled. Here’s what it looked like a day later:

Beautiful color. I love the first few days of fermentation though. All the break, particulates, yeasties pushing it all around. Thing’o’beauty and as my man John Keats said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

Edit: just noticed the temps, too. Well done.

I’d guess its just over 5gal.

I have a 6.5 gallon carboy, if I measure from the floor up 12 inches that equals 5.5 gallons

I’d say you are about spot on for 5gal.

Here is my 6.5 gallon for reference. The tic mark in the middle of each label is even gallons.

What’s the packing ratio of particulate in wort?

I saw this video a while back and was utterly fascinated by the concept. It’s about M&Ms, but per the thread title… ... -guess-th/

While I was very pleased with the temps on Sunday, I can’t take credit. I’m at the mercy of the weather. It just happened to be a good weekend to brew here in KS. Unfortunately, the temperature spiked a few degrees yesterday and I had to set up a blowoff tube after finding my airlock and cleaning it up.[attachment=0]Carboy3.jpg[/attachment]

Sadly, I’m very familiar with packing ratios. I studied them in detail as part of an Engineering Materials course in college.

Isn’t the packing ratio of particulate in wort, 1.5x the air speed on an unladen swallow? Or some such.

Would that be European Swallow or African Swallow?

Would that be European Swallow or African Swallow?[/quote]

It’s referring to a Duzzshe Swallow…

Don’t you just love fermenter pron?

Speaking of being at the mercy of the weather, this is one of the nuttier days I’ve experienced. We topped out at 75°F this afternoon. The temperature’s plummeted 40° and still dropping. We have severe thunderstorms moving in. And we’re expecting to wake up to snow and freezing rain.