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growler filler for bottles

perhaps i posted this in the wrong area. sorry for duplicate posts…i like filling a 6 pack of bottles or so out of each keg. I don’t want to buy a beer gun. I have tried several times to use beirmunchers beer gun but I suck at it. Out of 8 bottles, I think I got 2 filled properly. I turned the pressure to the c02 off and slowly opened it until i just saw the dial needle move (2 or less psi). I put the wand into the bottom of the bottle with the stopper snug and open the picnic tap. all goes ok until i get into the neck then it just turns to foam and won’t stop. After capping and the foam dies down the neck is empty. Flat beer in less than 24 hrs. P.S. - I chill the bottles, tap, wand, and stopper. i’ve watched 2 different videos and feel like i’m doing what i’m being told but it’s just not working for me. I’m sure i’ll keep trying but I did have a little brain fart…growlers are filled all the time with just a tube…a growler is just a big bottle. Could i not just use that?

I use one to fill bottles. I keg most beers, but occasionally will fill a few bottles right when I keg a beer, before its carbed. I use one of those growler fillers with my 525 perlick taps. Drop a few carbing drops in and good to go in a week or two. A few caveats though. First thing is, I run some warm sanitizer through the line and tap first so I’m not introducing anything bad into the bottles. Second, if you want to fill a bottle after the keg is carbed, you’ll still get a lot of foaming.

The answer is YES! you can use this $10 attachment to fill bottles from your kegs. It is cheaper, easier, more efficient, less of a PITA than either a beer gun, a counter pressure filler or even the DIY beer gun. It is not perfect but if you are only bottling 3-6 bottles per keg, you should be good to go.
I borrowed this from my local craft beer store and filled this 7 oz bottle (after i sanitized and chilled it), the whole process took just a few minutes.
i bottled this on 4/7 - i will post again on (or after 4/14) to report the how well the carbonation held up.

btw - that sure is a fine looking brew ya got there. Are you sure it’s not just a corona?

WOW! that’s awesome, thanks so much for your research. I will be ordering one of these asap. I look forward to hearing about the carb levels. A week at good carbbing would be awesome, i usually only need a few days. Maybe I’ll see how long it will last after I get mine. :cheers:

yeah, i got a little bored - - - -but i did my research and learned stuff.

What’s going on here…

so it’s been 6 days and i decided to go ahead and check on the beer. There seems to be a loss of carbonation but it’s still quite drinkable. Is it possible that the carbonation is still there but the head retention isn’t? I’m not sure so I guess I’ll keep testing. But, if you just need a few bottles to take to a friend or a competition and it will be consumed in a few days, I think this is the cheapest, easiest way to do it.

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