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Growing hops in windy area

I have hops growing up to a second floor deck. They did great last year (my first) and seem to be doing well again. My question is should I have the twine be taught so they don’t move in the wind or a little bit of give. I can come up with logic for both but think that there should be a little bit of give so the twine takes the impact rather than the hops. Thoughts? (BTW, I don’t mean sagging but enough that it sways)

Mine got so heavy that they sagged about a foot and a half (even though I tried to keep them nice and taught), and were tossed about like crazy in high winds that occur in our violent thunderstorms here in Florida…

They didn’t care even a little bit, and my two first year Cascades spit out two pounds of cones that I just harvested two days ago. They smell great, grew great, and unlike women, didn’t care that they sagged a little bit.

Let em sag. They don’t care at all sir.


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