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Growing hops in Maine

Any fellow mainers out there who have tried there hand at growing hops?
Im thinking of trying it out either this year or next and was wondering if anybody else has had any success up here.
Also, what kind of yield would I be looking at if i grew 4 plants or so? I know it depends from strain to strain but approximately

I live in Eliot Maine…next to Kittery…this year will be year 3 for my hops. Year 1, virtually no cones. Year 2, almost 1lb of nugget, and like 5 ounces of cascades…year 3, hoping for a lot more…I have 4 varieties…and so far I have harvested nothing from the Fuggles and Goldings…

South-facing, and well-draining soil.
Don’t expect much the first year.

hey buddy, i’ve got mine on the way .I just placed my order for 12 . I live in waterboro , just 20 mins from sanford.

Nice, 12 rhizomes…you’ll have your hand full…but it’s fun and you’ll love it.

What varieties did you buy?

I live in Gorham and will be planting my first hops this spring. Going for Cascade in my sandy soil. So many Maine brewers! Woot!

Excellent, make sure to keep us all posted as to how they do…my cascades are approaching their third year…1st year, no harvest, last year, about 5 ounces…im hoping for a lb plus this year. Treat them well and they will reward you. They thrive like weeds, but als do have specific growing needs, so be attentive, and do some good reading online to find out growing tips, watering techniques, fertilizing, etc. It’s so much fun, and so amazing to plant something that can grow soooo rapidly.

Hi Bluenote,
I live in Ellsworth.
3 years ago I found some feral Hops growing on an old homestead.
I dug up some rhizomes and transplanted them at home. They grow fantastically up the side of my house. Year 2 I harvested about 1 qt. ziplock of Rhizomes and about the same last August. They do seem to need plenty of water and good amounts of compost/fertilizer.
So, YES Hops do grow well in Maine!
So far, since I have no idea what variety they are or what AA%, I have used them as flavoring in the last 5 minutes of boil. I probably will also use them eventually as dryhopping.
Good luck.

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